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houeyhong center photo 
so beautiful laos lady of 20 people

The center

The Houey Hong Vocational Training Centre for Women is located in Houey Hong village (Ban Hoeuy Hong) surrounded by two hectares of lush garden. It is 7km from the centre of town towards the National University. The Centre itself is made up of eight compounds including an office and shop, conference room, two tailoring rooms, two weaving rooms, a dyeing and stock area, a dormitory and cooking facilities. 

State of weaving in houeyhonf center at 2021

Our objectives

The Centre’s three main objectives are:

  1. To provide training for various skill levels, in weaving, dyeing and tailoring for women from rural areas who are disadvantaged, poor and/or who have a disability
  2. To revive and support Lao’s traditional crafts, such as natural dyeing and traditional weaving
  3. To introduce other suitable skills, such as tailoring, to women who have little education

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